Male Romper - America!

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Our American Flag Male romper is the best way to show your love for the greatest country on earth! With the American Rompers stars and stripes, who could ever doubt your patriotism!

Caution: Our American Flag male romper may make you the center of attention, talk of the party, or the most confident person in the room. Please wear at your own risk. Side effects may include blindness by sheer patriotism.


Ask a Question
  • If I wear this do I win America?

    Yes, absolutely. 

  • If I only wear this when I go fishing will that be an unpatriotic travesty against America?

    Wearing it while fishing would might make you even more patriotic... as long as you take a bald eagle with to help assist you with a catch!

  • I weigh 145, height is 5' 9". What size should I order?

    It sounds like you would be an XS, but it depends on your waist size. 

    XS is a 28-33" elastic waist, S is 30"-35", and M is 32"-40". 

    You can check out more details on our FAQ section!

  • I’m 6’ 145lbs. What size should I get

    If you want it tight you should get a Small, if you want some room you should be set in a Medium! 

    Our rompers waist size is the most important, a Small can go up to 33 inches, a Medium 35 inches.

  • Can I swim in one of these? Is it wet/dry like swim trunks or will it be soaked the rest of the day like normal clothes?

    You would be wet like normal clothes!

  • My waist size is a 30-32 and I’m 5’9” and way about 160 what size is that?

    You should be set in a small!

  • I’m like 5’9” and about 150. What size is that?

    You sound like you’d be set in a small!

  • 6'2" 220. XL?

    It depends on your waist size. You can check out our sizing guide in the FAQ!

  • I’m 5’11 125lbs. 28 waste size. Would I be Small or Medium?

    Definitely a small! Maybe an extra small if you want a tighter fit!

  • I am 6ft 165 should I get small or medium

    It depends on your waist size, but you sound like a medium!

  • I'm buying one for a guy who is 6'3 200lbs. Should I get a large or xl?

    That could go either way, it depends on his waist size. To be safe you could get an XL!

  • I’m 6’3” 160# would I be able to get into a medium? Or do you still suggest a large?

    You should be able to get by in a Medium just fine. The shorts/crotch might be a little short, but you should be alright in a medium. 

  • I'm 5'7 and 206 lbs. Really stalky thick legs and just a little bit of a belly. I really need this American flag romper to set off 4th of july as the marine corps vet that I am. What size would I be. Please help me make the fore fathers proud

    You should be set in a large!

  • I am 6'5 235 more on the slim side. Would you recommend a XL or XXL?

    You should be set on an XL - it depends on your waist size! An XL is ~39 inch waist, an XXL is ~44 inch. 

  • I’m 5’8 and weigh 175. What size would u recommend?

    You should be set in a medium!

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