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Cutters was conceived on the beach in Barbados and born in California. The inspiration behind Cutters comes from decades of trips to the island of Barbados to surf and windsurf. Cutters stand for the vibrant energy-packed beach scene, the feel-good vibes, and the contagiously happy locals that make Barbados so unique. From the turquoise painted neighborhood corner store to the flash of a neon colored windsurf sail zipping across the reef, Cutters capture the local island flavor. Staying loyal to the island, the name comes from a traditional Bajan fish sandwich recipe known as a cutter.

The distinct retro look of Cutters is intended to be refreshingly different from the majority of men’s swimwear. Cutters set out to create its own authentic style where each individual color panel is hand sewn together revealing a vintage handmade look.

Cutters values supporting the local environments that inspire. With the Cutters team living in California, there was no better fit than to set up production in the surf capital of Huntington Beach “Surf City” USA. The fresh yet timeless designs of Cutters are an unparalleled symbol of classic California beach culture. Welcome to the Cutters lifestyle.  

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