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I met my current girlfriend because of my Zesties Romper. She approached me at the bar and would not stop asking me questions about my romper and my life. She took me home and the rest is history. 

Sean - Indiana University

The romper fits really well. I have to wear this for a Bachelor party, and was initially pretty reluctant. However, it's constructed pretty well and it is actually really comfortable. I also think the crotch zipper is clutch. It's pretty legit.

Ryan - Jersey City

I wore this romper to the beach and was incredibly comfortable all day. I played a lot of volleyball and the best part was no sand was able to go down my shorts.

Sam - San Diego

No, my Zesties Romper didn't transform my life. Yes, it did make me feel like a stylish boss at tailgates and parties.

Matt - Penn State

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